Playgroup sessions are available 3 times per day, Monday to Friday all year round, including school holidays.  Session times are organised for morning (9-11am), noon (12-2pm) and afternoon (3-5pm) and run for 2 hours.   Age groups for each session time vary from newborns and infants, to pre-schoolers.

Group sizes vary with the average number of families being 7-10 with 1 or 2 children each.  Children ages in each session vary, and we will always try to place children of similar or the same age together.

We do not engage carers or facilitators at Highgate Playgroup.  Each group organises and runs their own sessions based on their individual needs and ages of their children.  This ranges from structured activities such as arts and crafts to free play, or a mixture of both.  This allows parents to come together with their children in a way that suits their own group.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining one of our existing sessions or you would like to start your own group.

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