Following the tempoary closure of Highgate Forrest Park Playgroup at on 31 January, we are now in a transition period (from 6pm Friday 5 February until 12.01am Sunday 14 February) which means that:

  1. Playgroup sessions can recommence, including use of the playground area,
  2. Attendees should remember (as always) to sign in using the register,
  3. There is a 4 square meter rule in place, meaning up to 18 people can be within the Playgroup building at any time, so we ask all members to work together to monitor this, and
  4. Adults and children over 12 years must wear masks.

Please also work together to complete an extra vigilant clean and tidy at the end of your session – noting the info sheet issued previously on available COVID cleaning supplies.

Thank you in advance to everyone for your contributions to maintaining a COVID-safe community space for all.

The interim measures are in line with Western Australian (WA) government information and advice on the COVID-19 coronavirus. Please refer to WA government sources for more information on the extent and timing of lockdowns.

For more information on the impact and availability of Highgate Playgroup venue and services, please contact



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